I have worked with Tim for more than 20 years.  I find his approach to be a breath of fresh air because he takes such pride in providing the very best service.  Hire him and you will feel that you are part of his family!

Just some examples are:

1) His outstanding attention to detail.
2) How he listens to what you are looking for and then provides you what you want.
3) His long list of professional talent enables you to have someone different for each event.
4) His ability to take care of every detail, which provides a confidence and comfort like no other agency.
5) How he personally meets and gets to know you and your team in order to match you with the best talent.

He is one of a kind; and a can’t miss for an “experience” like no other

        – Lou Tursi, Executive VP of Consumer Sales,  Church & Dwight, Co. Inc.


“Tim has worked with many athletes and performers over the years. His down-to-earth charm and expertise make him an outstanding agent and true partner for his clients.”

 – Tino Martinez, Four Time World Series Champion


“The Songwriter Night was by far the best entertainment we have had in a while. TKO delivered exactly what we were looking for – engagement, humor and music!”



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